Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My day :D

Today I skipped uni out at ipswich (fuck it, it was economics) and went to st lucia!, FUCK YEAH.
I didn't realise how fucking shit ipswich was until I went to st lucia and witnessed ACTUAL PEOPLE walking around.
In order to make you understand I should point out there are about 20 people on the ipswich campus usually. So boring and gay.
It felt like an actual uni and that you were part of an community. Small things like seeing friends and talking to old BBC'ers really made it an awesome day. Sausages, bars, activity! all of it was new and exciting. It felt like my first day of real uni. I attended two lectures of nicks with david. The first one was bullshit like earth science but it was interesting. The tute was mega hard advanced killyourself maths.
AND I actually got work done. I guess when you can't distract yourself with anything it makes work easier to do. In other news im almost done my management assignment and have three more to go. I dont even know what they are about but fuck it, ill do them so I can get out of the worlds shithole and somewhere nice and close by.
In other other news this is the first actual blog ive done.

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